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Dark is a bit -too- social.
*sees Gate* Hey kid, isn't that the guy you said could fix my cannon?
No. Your guy is in another lab. >:U
"uh huh"
"That would be hard. Unless you can figure out how..."
"Hmm..." He sits down again and thinks about ways for her to control it. "Damn it Vader why do you have to be a pain in the ass?"
"Nows not the time..." she mumbled.
I dunno if I should interrupt him right now. He kinda looks busy with that... yellow guy.
"Hrmmm....why not try and convert the programme in to a smaller weapon?" She suggested, tapping her fist in to ther palm.
"Very good idea Riff! Maybe I can figure out how to do that..." He looks at his pad of paper and scribbles ideas down.
"Maybe we could try using regular viruses against the zelpha ones too..."
"What do you mean Devil?"
Oh, okay. *hops up, but then sees Dark Man standing with the group* ...
Uh... Maybe later.
Riff looked down to Devil.
"They aren't a bog standard company... They are aware of everrything around them. Using viruses agaisnt them may se
:icongoing-commando-man:Going-Commando-Man 0 1
Showing off for the kiddies
Riff could hear snoring. She looked up in to the tree. "Ahah..." she smirked, seeing the napping Zero.
(( Eh I'll leave it up just in case. I'll throw Shadowman in the IC for now. ))
** SWN-001-Bassforte has joined
(( ... never mind. ))
"He woke up!!"
(( *huggles back* ))
"Hey, we were just wondering what you were up to." she said, waving up at him. She put Trill on her back and clambered up the tree.
** DarkNinjaShadowman has joined
Looks over at her. "Nothing really...just...staying here... You almost got into a nasty fight earlier." (D:)
Will bother Commandoman? (( Okaay ))
(Kaay in case, niiight :3)
Commando comes along, and sees the Navis in the tree. "What... the heck?"
*Riding Treble then as they are in the sky*...So it seems I have won my competition against megaman...
Cause I can't stalk my fiancé.
O_O Looks down.
** Navi-Reaper-Riff has left [timed out]
"....We're sitting in it mister!"
*megaman's fut
:icongoing-commando-man:Going-Commando-Man 0 0


Commando Man is not a taxi. by dfranks Commando Man is not a taxi. :icondfranks:dfranks 5 1 The Imperial Procession by MSipher The Imperial Procession :iconmsipher:MSipher 33 8 Cloud Man beats Solar Man by BlueStrikerBomber Cloud Man beats Solar Man :iconbluestrikerbomber:BlueStrikerBomber 123 33 Pharaohman owns by KrissDeadnight Pharaohman owns :iconkrissdeadnight:KrissDeadnight 82 31 The Spread of Robotenza by AndrewDickman The Spread of Robotenza :iconandrewdickman:AndrewDickman 896 175 Rising Bosozoku by P-RO Rising Bosozoku :iconp-ro:P-RO 116 31 Tank Hangar by P-RO Tank Hangar :iconp-ro:P-RO 116 28 megaman vs airman by Brolo megaman vs airman :iconbrolo:Brolo 4,967 500 WTF Mate by Atalhlla WTF Mate :iconatalhlla:Atalhlla 67 80 Commando Man Art Submission by rockmanzallz Commando Man Art Submission :iconrockmanzallz:rockmanzallz 56 12 The Best Commando by Kiwi-Kamikaze The Best Commando :iconkiwi-kamikaze:Kiwi-Kamikaze 78 28 Commando Man, Destroy by AndrewDickman Commando Man, Destroy :iconandrewdickman:AndrewDickman 454 75


As soon as I get my cannon fixed up, it'd figure that it would get damaged again.

Dark-Number-2 went and got himself mixed up with a couple of those Stardroids yesterday. I ended up having to step in and save his ass. Again.

Then JethawkJupiter went psycho and smashed himself into me. Huge-ass dent in my arm, now. I suppose I'm better off then he is, though; looks like I might've clipped his wing or something.

And all this for a freaking CD. I'm gonna kill Dark, one of these days.
  • Listening to: MM10 IST: "Desert Commando"


Going-Commando-Man's Profile Picture
United States
Commando Man is a Robot Master who was originally created as a mine-sweeping robot. He used remote detonation techniques to clear minefields all over the world.

He is able to stun opponents by pounding the ground and creating a powerful shockwave. His primary weapon, the Commando Bombs, home in on targets and explode.

Commando Man is said be able to inflict serious amounts of damage. It is also said that he enjoys tasting oil from the various countries he visits. Commando is serious and militaristic most of the time, but occasionally slips into fits of paranoid rage, particularly if he is taunted consistently. He's also been known to call his comrades "maggots".


Relations thing.


Cool dudes
:icondarkninjashadowman: :icondark-number-2: :iconice-cold-ice-man:

:icondlwn-22: :iconliquidmetaliam: :iconburstman-danger:

You'd better watch it...
:iconjethawkjupiter: :iconswn-001-bassforte:

((RP profile for MegaMan-Roleplay))
((Played by dfranks))


Favourite genre of music: Techno
Operating System: DLW-AIOS X
Shell of choice: Discard-sabot artillery shells
Personal Quote: Ten-hut!


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ViciousBeastDWN054 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
Beautyful-Splash Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
*smiles happily* Happy Build Day ComandoMan!
ElecmanUsedThunder Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011
... *Salutes proudly* ...thank you for your service, soldier!
Burstman-Danger Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
Burstman walks up to Commandoman confused. He looks up at him and gulps... "I read your name somewhere a while ago and saw the word Commando... Did you know the word commando can be used in this common sentence? 'I'm going commando under my trousers.' So does that mean you don't wear any underwear?" Burstman continued to look up at Commandoman confused.
Going-Commando-Man Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
... Uh... What? I don't...

*Commando is probably just as confused as this guy.*

Soldier, I don't wear clothes...
Burstman-Danger Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
"So does that mean you are going Commando? Maybe that's how you got the name..." Burstman said to him...

"But I suppose we best take you clothes shopping... Maybe then you can change the name a bit..." Burstman said to him.
Going-Commando-Man Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
... You... what?

*thinks* I guess that could explain it...

Wait, no. I don't do shopping.
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JethawkJupiter Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2010

-Flying overhead like an annoying little shit. He's unaware of Commando's presence for now, preoccupied with noms in the vicinity.- SKREEEEEEEEE!
Going-Commando-Man Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010
*Attempts to cover his ears; fails, due to the fact that his arms were large cannons.*

*looks up* The hell is wrong with you, soldier?!
JethawkJupiter Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010
-Now the Stardroid is distracted from his stomach's orders.-

I was trying to scare up some food. Literally. Scare. -Cue the look.- And I only take orders from Terra anyway. And I have a feeling he'd want mass mayhem.
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